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Why choose Impact

Impact is looking at increasing its capacity to deliver by recruiting consultants. By joining our rapidly growing practice, you will be highly involved in shaping the future of the business and you will be exposed to opportunities for learning and growth that are hard to realise at other consulting firms.





What to expect at a large firm



What to expect at Impact




  • Being boxed into a discipline / service offering / content area
  • Moving from one project to the next - but they all look the same

Keyword: Repeatability

  • Being free to broaden and deepen your expertise in your areas of interest
  • Working on multiple projects - and they are all very different

Keyword: Versatility



  • Being told what to do and how to do it - no time to listen to your opinion
  • Working in the back office - producing slides that somebody else will present

Keyword: Low risk

  • Being given the opportunity to make your mark - engaging for better results
  • Working at the coal face - presenting your output directly to clients

Keyword: High challenge



  • Being a cog in a giant delivery machine - until the wear and tear takes its toll
  • Not knowing what your colleagues are working on - or even not knowing your colleagues

Keyword: Another one

  • Being a sprout in a blossoming plant - and the plant will keep growing
  • Knowing the business intimately - and having the chance to forge the way it is

Keyword: A special one

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